Born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany, I moved in 1996 to the Netherlands, where I studied graphic- and audiovisual design. In 2001 I graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy of Arts in Rotterdam. From 2000 I run my own business. Sometimes companies hire me as a freelancer to co-work on projects; design studios, marketing-communication companies, museums, for concept and design for fairs, exhibitions, corporate identities, ...

Studio Senf 2020

Studio Senf in a nutshell

Senf is the german word for mustard, a universal flavor enhancer.


Barbara Pella, Studio Senf

My fields of work are graphic design, arts and illustration.

As a graphic designer I develop concepts and create designs for corporate identities, books, posters, ... When making an illustration, I analyze the atmosphere and content of the text, then I choose the style and the materials to work with.

As an artist I work with different materials and techniques (painting, drawing, wet felting), which causes various styles. My most important sources of inspiration are nature, structures and daily life. Sometimes event-management crosses my path, which adds a different fresh dynamic to my working days.

Don't hesitate to contact me about work. I will be happy to have a non-binding talk with you in which we figure out what you need, and how I can help you.

Since 2014 I live and work in Czech Republic nearby the very special and inspiring city of Prague, in a hilly small town with deep forests and a lovely river. I operate international, borders are no obstacles for my creativity.